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Know the major and sub-brands under SHAON84.

Top Brand

All following logos and brands are under the main brand SHAON84. Find more about it, in the Logo page. Please also find the Trademark & Logo Policy to avoid improper use of logos and brands.

Major Brands

Entertainment Page, includes: Film, Photography, Music, Art & Graphics.
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PenNPaper SHAON84
The page, covers literary writings, publications, learning materials & research.
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InfoTech SHAON84
The IT works: Web Designing, Software etc.
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Personal SHAON84
Personal stuffs of Shaon like: interest, about me, achievements etc.
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SHAON84 Xtra
All pages those initially don't match with general category of other sections.
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about SHAON84
The site information of SHAON84 in detail.
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Other Brands
Under Major Brands

SHAON84 Central Information Archive (SCiNA) - the archive division of SHAON84.
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SHAON84 Official Blog
The official blog page of SHAON84, hosted in
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SHAON84 Personal Curriculum Vitae
Personal CV of Benzir Shaon for professional use.
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SHAON84 Bangla
Bangla Blog of SHAON84, hosted in SomeWhereIn Blog. It's on Politics, Religion, Business etc.
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Subsidiary Webs

Personal assignment portal for BBA students of EWU (Dhaka), with Shaon's own stuffs.
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SHAON84 mbaEducation
Personal assignment portal for MBA students of AIUB (Dhaka), with Shaon's own stuffs.
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Uncodist by SHAON84
For those tech lovers, who search ways to learn and do it by themselves.
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Postponed Brands

SHAON84 reserves full rights and ownership on all specified postponed brands (names are not limited to the following) as creator of these brands.

  • amaderEWU (amaderStory and all sub-brands)
  • friendSHAON84 (and all sub-brands)
  • SHAON84 tokLiVE
  • mobile SHAON84
  • SHAON84 i2we (and all sub-brands)

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