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Quick notes on special marks by date.


Anytime of the Year

The paper work and technical page designing began to launch the website



08 APR

The website 'SHAON' (later renamed to 'SHAON84') founded with few pages just like other common personal websites. The pages were: Home, About Me, Favourite & Interest, Hobby, More, Official, Download and Photo Library.



16 DEC

The site upgraded with new address "". This time the site has more sections rather than the first one which included: Personal Information in Bangla, Personal Information in English, Art, Photography, Music, Writing, Stamp & Coin Collection, IT, Education (study assignments), Friend's Page for membership of the site etc. That time, the site has been promoted to friends and personally known persons to visit.

27 DEC
For the first time, a Flash (flv) animated eCard released for registered friends to wish New Year and interestingly it has background music, which was composed by Shaon.



13 FEB

Because of virus infection, the whole "Personal Information in Bangla" section re-uploaded. And the Flash eCard on Valentine Day released.

19 FEB
educationSHAON page upgraded with new design.

26 MAR
Release of the first Animation Movie "71's 25: from village to city" released with fully Flash designed web site with Bangla & English language. This film was not in traditional video format. It was in Flash format and the background music's file format was Midi (mid) for making it easily viewable in web site. The movie website was the first fully Flash designed web site from SHAON.

08 APR
- New Home page launched.
- It was SHAON's foundation day and for this, the "dOWNLOAD SHAON" page has been released with full of flash animated works. It was one of the most attractive, colourful and animated page.

25 APR
The site "educationSHAON" changed its name to "EWUeducation" and turning for the step to be a separate web page under SHAON.

01 JUN
Finally the site "EWUeducation" separated as a new individual and independent web site under SHAON with new design and look.

30 OCT
First time Benzir Shaon's voice has been used in the site as background song of Eid-Ul-Fitr's flash animated eCard.

15 DEC
SHAON's Travel Page released which included travel stories and basic information of Bangladesh.



13 MAR

The EWUeducation page updated with completely a new smart look.

17 JUL
SHAON released its first publication and it was Benzir Shaon's first experience as editor & publisher. It was a two-paged online publication with updated news & information on SHAON and Benzir Shaon. Its name was "shaon's THEupdate". It was also called, 'Tiny Online Magazine' (TOM), a SHAON invented term. Perhaps, this is the world's first publication (magazine/bulletin) from a website to publish only one person's news updates! This was later discontinued after publishing second issue.

18 OCT
Two animated site tours (introductory video) on SHAON & EWUeducation released.

28 DEC
An exclusive animation show "Utshob 2007" released on 4 important festivals (National Victory Day, Christmas Day, New Year and Eid-Ul-Azha).



"" redirection domain with hosting space "" registered (free account)

24 SEP

EWUeducation site got new look with minimum flash animations and that was the introduction of stepping for "End of Flash Age". That time many services have reorganized.



14 FEB, a website for East West University (Dhaka) students launched as a subsidiary of SHAON. Initially no connection with SHAON shown in anywhere. First issue of amaderStory, Spring 2008 (online publication of amaderEWU) published in online.

08 APR

A day that's a true introduction of entering a new age of SHAON.
- Almost all flash animation removed from SHAON websites.
- Many brands turns to only 8 top brands. Top 8's were: Pic SHAON, PenNPaper SHAON, InfoTech SHAON, Personal SHAON, mobile SHAON, i2we (a new brand of SHAON), Friend SHAON and About SHAON
- For the first time SHAON published its annual report with last year's activity review. Perhaps for the first time in the world, a personal website published its annual report.
- For the first time a celebration logo came in light to celebrate foundation day. It was the 5th birthday of SHAON.
- First time SHAON published and posted some posters. Posters were for 5th birthday and they were mostly posted in East West University, Dhaka campus walls.
- So many new things, ideas and sub-brands came in light which hard to list here in short space.
- Spring 2008 issue of amaderStory published in PDF in amaderEWU site
- SHAON declares amaderEWU is the site from SHAON by publishing the site related update at SHAON's home page.

18 MAY
- The first issue (Summer 2008) of online magazine 'amaderStory' from the subsidiary 'amaderEWU' released.
- For the first time a second man after Shaon joined in a SHAON's work, Amit Chakrabarty. He started to work for i2we and amaderEWU. His position later dissolved with the closure of amaderEWU.

15 JUN
The film "Nabisco Utshob" released from SHAON. This second short movie from SHAON was made for an academic purpose.

17 AUG
"Step Ahead for Population Problem", the 3rd movie from SHAON released. Here Shaon gave the background voice of humming/tune. This movie first shown in an academic presentation at East West University, Dhaka.

23 NOV
- amaderEWU came back in regular update with new feature launched, "News"; the first step to campus journalism.
- New home page of amaderEWU launched.



15 FEB
- First anniversary of the subsidiary website 'amaderEWU'.
- Introduced 'tok LiVE', a page where the list of chatting addresses (Yahoo, Skype, MSN, Google Talk) were mentioned. Connecting with those Id's anyone could connect and directly chat with Shaon.
- SHAON's 6th foundation celebration logo opened.

The last update from amaderEWU before SHAON's notice of postpone.



- Changed the home page's look. And the concept of Big Photo for page banner introduced, the Banner Photograph.
- Launched SCiNA (SHAON Central Information Archive).
- Annual Report 2008 published online.
- "today's Status" Portion in the home page launched.

The Annual Report 2009 published online.

The last official update of 'SHAON' as SHAON from old domain, The update was just a notification "The Anniversary Special Update of The Site 'amaderEWU' Coming Next On This March" (collected from status message) with a banner photo.

10 OCT
- On the digital day 10-10-10, 'SHAON' renamed and rebranded to 'SHAON84'.
- SHAON84 hosted in paid domain and hosting service.
- Facebook page and Group officially opened with new logo.
- Celebration logo of 7th year inaugurated.
- New home page design and tradition of banner photo came in; although this has already been practiced in amaderEWU page.

- SHAON84 mbaEducation, assignment portal for graduate students (MBA) of American International University - Bangladesh launched.
- CSS Style Sheet Used for the first time. It was to make SHAON84 mbaEducation page's menu.
- Footer with a different appeal came in first time. this practice began with SHAON84 mbaEducation.



15 JAN
- SHAON84 Official Blog launched, hosted in
- SHAON84 Home page's presentation design changed a bit.
- Introduced "Producer's Note" and "Technical Note" blog writing series.

- Home page design completely change with new search option powered by Google and well designed footer.
- 8th Year celebration logo opened.
- For ease of visit, SHAON84 Sitemap launched.
- Launched SHAON84 Xtra, the 'Department of Departmentless'
- Activity of 'Mobile SHAON84', 'Friend SHAON84', 'i2we' (A Subsidiary), SHAON84 Org Friend & all of their relevant brands postponed.

11 AUG
SHAON84 EWUeducation releases full set of assignments.

12 AUG
SHAON84 EWUeducation transferred to domain from old free domain.



15 April
Massive changes in SHAON84's social media zone. Cover picture for Facebook personal profile, page; Google+ personal profile, page activated officially from SHAON84 side with relevant images.

13 AUG
Custom 404 Error page launched, beginning of custom error page launching. Official launching took place on 11 September.

19 AUG
Sustainable and successful launching of Facebook Apps for SHAON84 Facebook Page. The apps are, two Facebook tabs: Live Twitter Feed and a Welcome Page hosted in Google Site. Official launching took place on 11 September.

11 SEP
SHAON84 mbaEducation releases full set of assignments and all assignment of the site technically turned to Read-Only and Non-Printable version, due to unethical plagiarism.

13 OCT
- Launched newly designed SHAON84 About page with modified profile of SHAON84 and many internal issues.
- SHAON84 Facebook Page liked by 100 Fan. Officially recognized on that day, but it first happen on 00 AUG 2012. And first time some faces tagged by SHAON84 FB Fan Page. It was on the 100 fan celebration photo.

31 OCT
Benzir Shaon presented a 2 minutes PPT presentation on 'SHAON84' at the evening event Google Business Group - Dhaka hosted in EMK Center, Dhaka.

Launched 'SHAON84 Personal Curriculum Vitae'. The first page launched which got exemption from being compulsory update note in SHAON84 home page.

SHAON84 started releasing photographs starting from 2008 to 2012, till date.

13 DEC
SHAON84 launches Uncodist, another rare beginning of SHAON84.

17 DEC
Launches SHAON84 Bangla, another special one from SHAON84, Bangla Blogging starts in SomeWhereIn Blog.



8 April
SHAON84 Steps to 10th Year, termed as SHAON84 Tenning. For the first time, for celebratig an event, a new page hosted in SHAON84 launched ( 4 Presenations has open, presented on different platform on SHAON84. The site and other promotions took place on 10 April 2013.



4 January
Launched SHAON84 Continuing Publication hosted in PenNPaper. On the day, a modification done in SHAON84 home page news feed design. SCiNA page modified, a fresh new SCiNA (SHAON84 Archieve).

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