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This is an assignment portal (founded on 7 December 2010) for students specially of MBA students of American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB). All contents here are from Benzir Shaon, an AIUBan doing MBA there. This web site is from the personal web site SHAON84. Here, assignments are kept here to make a clear concept about the concern courses & their assignments; not to copy.

Prior to this web site, in 2005, another web page has been launched by SHAON84 (formerly known as 'SHAON') for East West University, Dhaka while Benzir Shaon was an Undergraduate Business student there. That was also based on the same concept; it was named 'SHAON EWUeducation'.

The whole web is directly controlled, maintained, designed, planned and guided by Benzir Shaon.

Give an idea to MBA students about their assignments.

Assignments done by Shaon for the MBA purpose at AIUB is the only content of this site. The assignments those who don't have or produce any soft copy will not be uploaded here, like: Mathematical courses generally been hand written. The group assignments (where Benzir Shaon is a group member), Power Point Slide Shows etc. all submitted final documents will be uploaded.

The main feature of the site is: no login hassle and easy one click hassle free content download.

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