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Child Labor
By Benzir Shaon


[Today many children in the globe are passing their life as labor; we call "Child Labor"...]


Today, many children are working outside of their home to earn the livelihood for themselves & their family. Sometimes they're compelled to do so because of their thirsty & cruel family. They're working from dawn to dusk, leading a quiet miserable life which is so inhuman. Generally the children from poor families are encouraged to do so. United Nations Organization has already passed law against child labor.

Anyway, here only the dark sides have discussed. But it has good sides too. When a child starts earning from childhood, he can prepare himself to face the true world.

Not only our country but also many countries of the world are concentrating to child labor. Good luck for the children labor of the earth!



Dhanmondi, Dhaka

16 August 2004, 10:25 AM



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