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Commodity Price Rising Issue: Corruption & Some Issues

By Benzir Shaon


Before coming the last Caretaker Government in Bangladesh corruption was another underground Don in our country. Corruption is such a problem that never be eliminated permanently, it can be decreased or controlled. Every part of the globe it’s found there; more or less. But this problem is mostly seen in developing and under developed countries. Use of black money for the primary economic development of developing and under developed countries is a very normal fact. Corruption brings many problame, here is one: corruption creates an imbalance in society by creating sections of financially solvent and insolvent with a giant distance in that fact. And finally we find a chaos in society, many variables of society then get changes. Entrance of high priced product and price rising of other products is a change among those changes. Commonly it is seen that those who plays the leading role of the driver of society or nation are rich and mostly as they get opportunity to be corrupted, they involve in corruption. And finally we find them in financially solvent class. At market what happen, when a solvent one ask for price of a product he can purchase as he have that ability; but an insolvent one at the same time purchase less or don’t purchase. At the end of the day, solvents don’t go for too more initiatives to solve that price rising issue because of other business; because they still can afford. But unfortunately they are the key maker of taking those decisions. Insolvent class again been exploited here by the silence of the bosses of nation and society.


“Syndicate” has its own meaning which is not too bad, but today people hate and afraid of that word; it’s about ‘price rising syndicate’ in our market. It’s a most common discussion topic today. It can be easily believed that there really was a said syndicate as it’s supported by some evidence; but interestingly this peculiar price rising nature is now fully not in the control of that syndicate. We live in a global village where every country is dependent on each other for many reasons. If there is any disorder in any country, the whole globe suffers. Oil is a vital instrument of transporting goods along with food. As oil price rises for different uncertainty and conflict in oil mine area Middle-East and in today’s global prospect most of the products get transported, so finally this high oil price get added with transported product. That ultimately leads to reform market to a high priced market.


Natural disaster and population problame are another two major reasons behind it. Due to frequent natural disaster in many part of the globe we lose the production area and the production hampers for that time. At the same time population has increased and production has not been increased in parallel manner. Whatever the reason is commodity price would rise without pressing any magic switch but still it’s possible to keep it tolerable if we can increase our earning by more economic activity and being conscious to our national and price issue. In all the cases government subsidy or decreasing tariff or tax is not a long-term or good solution. What we have to do is: we have to produce more products (all required category including agro-based product) locally and develop or set backward and forward linkage industries. If we can be self sufficient and decrease import, ‘price?’ – may be we can turn it to a gentle domestic animal, possible.



Azimpur, Dhaka

9 November 2007, 8.38 PM



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