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Destroy Competitor’s Positioning Tool

By Benzir Shaon


Position a product to consumer’s mind is one of the primary duties for the marketer. And for this it is needed to introduce such a new thing attaching with the product that has not ever been said to the consumer or said to any promotion. That’s why we do find innovative advertisement & promotions in different print & electronic media. And it can make a position to consumer’s mind which company has made that innovative positioning tool. But the interesting thing is, it is possible to destroy the innovative tool for the sake of evil competition. Now the question is “How?”. If the competitor or any company can make a prompt promotion on a similar or counter concept, then it is possible to destroy the tool. It may need time or may not fully work, but it will make at least some negative spot on the previous tool. The more prompt the counter action will be taken, the better it will work. But for a healthy competition this kind of behavior cannot be acceptable promotional or corporate strategy rather than promoting the product with a new innovative idea.


Azimpur, Dhaka

8 MAR 2007, 12:32AM



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