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eMail Service: Paid or Free?

by Benzir Shaon


Do you have any eMail address? If you are a new user you may have not face that trouble but those who have passed an age they are the sufferers. It’s about bulk unwanted eMails in the inbox. Those who have many accounts in many places they know very well about the problem of filling out the mail box by junk mail. It has another name: it is “Spam”. They contain advertisement, notice, virus or even false eMail. Sometimes eMail account holder compelled to change the eMail address to get rid. To protect users from that trouble eMail service providers have declared the eMail service will no longer been free, it will be paid service. Now the issue to debate is: should this service be remains free or paid.


Though the service providers have shown the reason of spam, but definitely there is a thick commercial motive behind it. eMail is the most common features of internet today and about all internet users use that. That’s why, now business organizations trying to make more money from that service. If it really turns to a paid one what will happen?


Actually making eMail service paid will not ultimately stop junk mail, it may decrease a bit, but it’s not sufficient. Many developing and under developed countries’ people will not use internet because many of them use internet only to check their eMail account. So, ISPs (Internet Service Provider) will face a big drought in their business all over the world. Internet business will face a big challenge around the world specially the third world and developing nation. Most of the internet based service providers require client’s eMail address and for that, this sector will also face challenge. And this will make an adverse effect in different trading and non-trading sectors around the globe.


So, what can happen? A category can be created, where special mails need to be paid that will get higher priority to be sent and received. In receivers eMail box it will showed specially (under a different section or it can be highlighted). On the other way, eMail account can be paid which custom is still running. But it shouldn’t be turned to a fully paid service; it will be a big mistake!



Azimpur, Dhaka

11 November, 2007, 2:22 AM



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