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Yes or No

By Benzir Shaon


‘Ghost` - is a name, a name of fear. Ghost has been defined in different definition which varies from individual to individual man and nation to nation. Commonly, ghost doesn’t have any real base.


Normally ghost is a character of fear. It makes people afraid. It appears in silent and dark places. Most of the times, it appears when a person stays alone. It appears generally in graveyard or crematorium or the place the dead are buried or kept. The concept of ghost came from the displeased souls of dead. They come with different outlooks and different styles of making people afraid. Many books, stories and poems have been written on ghost but most of them have no true base.


The question of existence of ghost has been staying in our minds for many years. I support it. In previous line it has been said ghost is a character of fear. Psychologists say that, the character ghost stays in human mind which develops from a person’s fear. At that moment, human nerve system doesn’t work properly and people see different unreal things, which become hallucination on their part.


On the other hand, ghost has a true base, too. But it’s from a different view point. But that is not ghost it’s “Jin”, an Arabic word that we found in the holy book Al-Quran where we get a detail on this creature. There it is said Jin is another creature of Almighty like others we see. But the difference is we cannot see them, but they can see us all. They are among us, but for visibility problame we cannot see them at all. Like human being they can also be good or bad, but interestingly still human being is the best creature. But ghost? Jin is there around us and ghost lives in our mind, we can care them or show the thumb.



Mohakhali, Dhaka

Date: 17-10-05 (an unfinished essay)


Azimpur, Dhaka

And finished the unfinished essay on: 1-1-8 (the last paragraph)


Written as Class Work of the course Composition and Communication Skills (ENG 102) Tutorial, East-West University , Dhaka  



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