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Marriage Is Universal
By Benzir Shaon


[In all times, all religion, all part of the globe marriage is a similar custom. Why? I think...]


Marriage is a kind of deed, an unwritten deed between a male and a female. It's a deed of trust, where husband and wife will share (about) everything of their life; it may be their happiness, grief, problem, labor, daily activities, dream etc. But this is important that, the marriage must be acceptable to society and their religion.


Man is a social being. He cannot live alone. He or she needs a partner. Men want to share his or her happiness and sorrow. Human being has a sensation. Marry can fulfill the demand. Human being is also fond of kid. He or she wants to keep their generation. Marry also fulfill the demand. In their old age they become inactive. It's hard for them to move without the help of a second person. Thinking this they also want for a kid. So marriage is solution of all of these human demands.


To divide the labor in term of sex, to decide about the care for an infant, to reduce sexual competitions marriage is the only solution. So, when a male and a female become married they think they get rid from a job of their life.


At about every religion supports marriage, because this is very important for man kind. Marriage is for social welfare. It is a common custom which goes from era to era.


Islam is a complete code of life. Islam has said how to lead a life. Marriage is must in the religion Islam too. The holy book of Islam, the Al-Quran says to marry. It is to maintain a social stability.


If we look at our country we can see that, our parents consider their children liability. Especially the condition of female is very bad. Still today in village the females are sent for marriage before their maturity. That's why mother's death is been increasing day by day.


So, considering all these, this has been came out that marriage is nothing but a solution, a solution of many human wants. That's why the custom of marriage is seen in every where, every nation, every age and every religion. And for this reason marriage is universal.



15 June, 2004



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