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People of Middle Age
By Benzir Shaon


[This is written about the self concept of middle aged people]


A man doesn't bear with the guarantee of his life and he doesn't know how long he'll live. If we normally divide a life of a human, we get many sections. Middle age is one of them. People from different corners of ages have curiosities on this age. To dissolve this curiosity this article is a trial.


Here middle age means the part of life of a human. Those who are in the age are called middle aged people. Middle age is the time when a man has already passed his first 40 years. Its duration is from 40 to 60 years.


Life style of middle aged in our country is quite different. In that time they become bored of their life. They have to face many problems from their family. They seek for a break to get rid for a bit from their monotonous life. But in this time many of them achieve many things, such as: respect, prizes etc.


But the story of advanced country has a little difference from us. They enjoy their life. Some have boyfriend or girlfriend and some have husband or wife, some have none of them. As their life leading standard is so high they need not to face problems that we have to face. So, they get the chances to see outside.


They have different concepts on their age. But the common thing is that they think themselves in a respective position in the society or the family. So, they become more responsible. Sometimes people call them for their suggestions. They take it as a respect. They take responsible steps for the younger. They put their steps carefully for this respect. They become more sensitive about their faults.


Concepts from different corners of age are about the same. It's the time when he or she neither young nor so old. It's a time, while sometimes they are friends, sometimes they act like a wise. It's the age which is enjoyed by others.


After all middle age has a different taste. Middle aged people prepare themselves to leave their young age and for the upcoming old age.



22 June, 2004



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