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Research Paper Writing & Exam Writing

By Benzir Shaon


Education system has many methods. In higher studies it follows basically two methods. They are ‘Research Paper Writing` & ‘Examination Writing`. Both are existed. Here these two methods will be focused with different light.


Exam writing is the traditional style. In Bangladesh , this style has brought by the British. According to that style a student does his classes, follows the lectures of teachers and follows related books. After a certain times in a pre-declared date he sit to show how much he has learnt. He sits and a question sheet is given to him which covers his study. In an answer sheet he writes those answers. His answer script determines how much he knows or how much he has learnt from study. He must answer the questions within a said time.


It has some positive signs. A student has to study all through his subject and he tries to prepare himself as he can answer from any where of his text. As he don’t know from where the question will appear. He needs to study everything. He practices his capability as he can answer in the exam. He meets the teachers for his problems and solutions. In exam system a student has to take prompt decision within the timed exam time. Exam system makes a brain faster.


It has some bad effects, too. In most of the cases an exam system compels student to memorize, that simply kills someone’s creative and analytical capability. If the exam doesn’t take most frequently it cannot reach the ultimate goal. Moreover, if the students cannot see the revised exam cop they cannot even know what things bring his success or failure. Another system of education is research paper writing. In this system a student studies books related to his subject, searches information from various sources.  A student gets enough time to revise, discuss with teachers and study. At the end of the semester or the period of time he submits his paper to his teachers and finally he get a grade over the paper. The concept is something like doing study with teachers.


It has some bad effects, too. As a student gets a longer period of time, he may become lazy, he may neglect it. It has the possibility to plagiarize. But it’s most fruitful for higher studies.


In foreign counties the concept of research paper has developed a lot. In a country like Bangladesh research paper writing method is still in a position of observation.




Mohakhali, Dhaka

Date: 04-12-05

Revised: 06-12-05



Written as Class Work (Essay Category: Compare & Contrast) of the course Composition and Communication Skills (ENG 102), East-West University , Dhaka



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