Pen N Paper SHAON84

Stamp In Museum

By Benzir Shaon


Technology has given us a lot, taken not less than that. Due to the blessing of technology we can say the words like “world is getting small” or “we are in a global village”. We can communicate through telephone or eMail; shorter, easier and cheaper. At the beginning of the modern scientific era we got telegraph, a little bit of telephone. At that time the major way of expressing full view of mind was letter. People used to write a lot of letters and postmen were busy all the times. During that time one interesting thing has been introduced to bring a well management in collecting postal charge and that was stamp. Day by day new ideas came; stamps became more and more colorful. People start to learn from stamps: places, landmarks, faces, letters, events and a lot more. At a time it became a very popular hobby not only for children but also for elders. People used to become proud of having more stamps, the exchange of stamps make collectors richer at stamp collection. Little children like to go to those homes where there is a possibility of getting stamps or like those relatives who can help them for that hobby. Book was there for stamp collectors to keep stamps in a better manner. It really made its own text of learning. Today children don’t have leisure, it’s hard to get their schedule; once they get any leisure they spend the time for computer games or television. Today we express us through the voice of cell phone; we do voice chat or write short eMail or SMS. We are forgetting to write letters and buying stamps. Are stamps going to sent museum along with letter writing & postman? Still aren’t there people who collects stamps, love them? Has stamps lost their appeal of learning and strength of teaching? Please continue to make & collect more colorful stamps, please!



Dhaka , Azimpur

8 Nov 2007, 10.00 PM



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