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Teacher: Enlightens People

By Benzir Shaon


From the very beginning of life we learn. We learn how to write, how to read even how to think. These kinds of help we get from the teacher. In a word a teacher is a person who teaches people. The number of students may be singular, it may be plural or may be younger or it may be older. The learning may be textual or only oral.


Definition of teacher is different from different pupil’s point of view. From a point of view, a baby first learns from his mother. Firstly he learns how to express itself. Another point of view is that the person who teaches the child how to read the texts and to write it. But in our country’s perspective we generally treat the person as a teacher who teaches a child in his or her school, college or university.


Socrates is called one of the greatest teachers of world. He belonged to today’s Greece . He taught how to think better, he enlightens the minds of common and illiterate people. He was a great philosopher also.


But there was only one great teacher who really served more than the purpose of a teacher; he was our prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sm.). He taught everything to people. He didn’t miss a single part of learning. Still now he is the role model of a good teacher for the whole mankind.


In our country there is a lack of good teachers. We don’t have much educated teachers which is one of the major barriers to approach prosperity.


In the modern world the teaching method has such changed. Once upon a time the teachers used to beat the students mercilessly to teach. But today’s teaching method says, “Don’t beat, teach with affection.” Today’s learning methods’ another important side is: teaching is a two way communication.


A good teacher needs some good qualities. He must have good and clear cut knowledge on his subject. He must study regularly and read a lot on other subjects. He must be friendly and smiley so that students can come to him for discussion on any problem.


A good teacher not only can teach a person or a group of people but can also enlighten a nation.



Azimpur, Dhaka

October, 2005

Revision: Nov 10, 2007


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