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True Education And Today’s Implementations of Education

By Benzir Shaon


To common people ‘Education` is defined as some certificates. To them education means, it’s a set of knowledge gathered from school, college or university. Yes, that is true that, from those institutions we can buy knowledge, but the responsibility to consume those knowledge is ours. And there is the problem.


Consumption power if knowledge is not same to all. Sometimes it happens that people don’t learn anything at all from those institutions; simply the waste of time! Though they have good number of certificates but they don’t have good amount of knowledge stored in their heads.


Sometimes education misleads people. Education grabs people from light to darkness. People misinterpret the reality and common people are led by those misinterpreted concept. Such as the politicians like: George W. Bush, Tony Blare or Saddam Hussein. Mostly it’s happened by the politicians. Sometimes it’s done by the writers or thinkers like: Salman Rushdi or Taslima Nasrin.



Education doesn’t bring success. It shows the way. It tells how people will speak, how people will think, how people will behave or spend. Education doesn’t teach everything but it teaches many things. It shows the enlightened way that say, how we can lead a better life.


Without institutional education people can be successful, such as: Kazi Nazrul Islam, Lalon Fakir, Socrates, Rabindranath. They showed the beauty of life, they were honoured. Socrates is still treated as one of the greatest teachers of the world. Our prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) was the greatest teacher of the world who didn’t had any institutional degree. That proves that institutions are not the source of all kinds of knowledge. We learn from life, we learn from our surroundings or even sometimes by ourselves or our juniors.


The responsibility of teacher is to show the way of learning, it’s not their responsibility to fed knowledge to their students. But we also make a mistake in that point.



Mohakhali, Dhaka

Date: 23-10-05 (Incomplete)


Written as Class Work of the course Composition and Communication Skills (ENG 102), East-West University , Dhaka



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