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Unsubscribe Option

A Healthy Corporate Culture

By Benzir Shaon


Today in the Electro-Mechanic era the ‘Unsubscribe’ word is mostly related with unsubscribe from someone or some organization’s eMail list. For marketing, different organizations have sent eMails with information of new products with discount or other features. It’s a good form of marketing of those products in western world who have that opportunity to avail and have opportunity to purchase those products, but for the country like Bangladesh or other poor and developing countries who cannot avail them or don’t have opportunity to purchase the products is really a disturb. Sex related webs and drugs follow the system most and most of them don’t have any way to unsubscribe. Some web site or different online service providers do have newsletters or have system to send any update report to clients. Some cases they have a little link “Unsubscribe” and to be unsubscribed it is easier to be subscribed. Sometimes some eMails have explanation at the bottom like “you are getting that eMail because you are the member of our site”. This gives a positive identification and reorganization to clients about the organization that ultimately leads to a healthy corporate image. But very interestingly some unsubscribe option plays opposite role. After subscribing you will find that mail again in the next week. Very bad practice!



Azimpur, Dhaka

7 November 2007



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