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Web Designing: Step by Step
By Benzir Shaon


[I've classified people in two different ways. One who knows how to
make a web site and the other is who don't. This Essay is for both. Read it.]



Do you really feel the want of a web site? From one side it is too tough and from other side it is not only easy, but also very easy. You know many things about graphics software and web building languages. But this is the amusing matter and the fact that you cannot place a full web site without a certain plan of the web site. Here it will discussed, a short and preliminary discussion on web designing. Step by step I will discuss about web designing.

Web Planning
Web planning is the first step. You have to keep it in your mind what kind of web you are going to design. Everything should be subjective.

Page: Decide which topics will be the part your web site. Then divide them into pages. This will be easy for both: designer and visitor.
Script: Write the script according to your topics and pages. Then finally see its proof before publishing. You have to see the proof more than once before final proof.
Page Design: It's a written or inward rough of your web site. You have to decide where and which objects (image, animation or writing) will be kept.
Image: Image makes a web more colourful and attractive. It may set for various purposes. Photoshop, ACD FotoCanvas, MS Paint etc. software can be used.
Animation: Animation is more effective than image. It makes a web site more dynamic. Flash, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Flax, Swish etc. are the software for animation.
Button: Button is nothing but the hyperlink to switch over from one page to another on the same web site. It may normal text, image, animated image or flash.




There are some very simple techniques.

Font Presentation: Those fonts will not shown on your browser which are not installed in your PC. Your browser will show only those fonts which you already have in your computer. To prevent this you have to make a file which will save the visitors from this kind of technical problem. To do this you need software; WEFT is this kind of software from Microsoft Inc. which may help you.
Universality: It's a very important point. You will design your web for all kinds of users and computers. Your web will like this, where a visitor can easily visit your web site with any resolution or system software and with backdated browser and software without facing any problem.
Security: You must have a security system in your web site, which will save your web site from hackers.



File Structure
File Size: Try to keep the file size as small as possible. It will reduce loading time. It'll also helpful about easy file transfer.
File Management: For easy maintenance you may separate your files according to type and topics or pages. Files may kept in different folders. This kind of step will help you in time of web updating and file seeking.
File Name: Files will be named in this way as if it would easy to update the web site or find a file.



This is the part done in online.
Name: Decide the name of your web which is not changeable. You have to choose another name before sitting online, because in the same time a web may already have with the same name.

Registration: Yes, registration means domain registration. Many organizations give the facility of free domain registration. There are two kinds:


1. Registration with charge

2. Free registration


It will decided by you according to your need. Keep a careful look on these sides while choosing an organization for the domain registration of your web site...


1. Limitation of file size

2. Bandwidth

3. Total web size

4. Time/Trial (For free registration)

5. Restriction on the amount of your visitor (For free registration)

6. Other facilities



To Increase Your Visitors
To increase the number of visitors you may follow them...


1. Update your web site regularly

2. Try to provide more user facilities

3. Attractive home page

4. Easy Navigation

5. Take special care about reply of eMail(s) from visitors

6. Add with search engines (Such as Google, AltaVista yahoo etc.)

7. Keep links of other popular web sites

8. Give publicity to your web


But one thing, it's a creative job and also a kind of art. So you must have to pose an artistic and creative mind; you have to have an eye in your heart.



16 June, 2004



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