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A Story of A Plane Journey

By Benzir Shaon


Once upon a time the aero-plane was a dream machine. But in today’s real world it’s very simple to see an aero-plane flying in the sky or riding on it. To the persons those who have rode an aero-plane, that experience is very simple, but the person who didn’t ride it, it’s a great thing for him to experience it.


I was in the group of those who didn’t experience it before 1995. Because that year I got a chance to make a journey by plane


I went to Jessore to see my maternal grandparents that year, along with my father. Suddenly a plan hit my father’s head that we can return to Dhaka by aero-plane. Jessore has a good airport from where the domestic planes take-on and take-off.


We bought two tickets on the day before our departure. We were told that, we have to reach the airport before one hour of the plane’s departure. I and my father reached the airport at right time. My maternal cousin and maternal uncle came to airport to bid us good-bye.


We and our baggage were checked by the airport security officers. After that we went to the runway where the plane was parked. The plane looked like a giant toy of plane. It was a white toy with red and green borders. A stairway was attached with its door. I also saw fans (propeller) attached with the wings which were not like our table fans.


Before riding on, our baggage were finally checked on the runway, just in-front of the plane. That seemed to me much more disgusting. It seemed to me that, we were criminals & we were sent to jail.


Within a very short time we boarded on the plane and found our seat. I took my seat near the window and my father sat beside my seat. At the moment it seemed to me that, I got a great thing. As the plane was very high it seemed to me that, I am sitting on a two storied building and was looking through the window of that building.


After a short while we were asked to fasten our seat belts and that moment I finally thought I was really a prisoner! As the plane started to move it seemed that the giant toy was going to fly. I was looking through the window, heard the sound of propellers and the sound was increasing. The distance from the ground was increasing at the same time. After a short time it was announced that, we were over 28,000 feet from ground and heading to Dhaka , but it seemed to me that, we are heading to the world of cotton. The clouds were very near, so that I could touch them. They seemed to me like cottons. I looked to the ground and saw nothing but a map drawn on a paper. The houses sometimes seemed to me like toys. After a few moments we were given some chocolates and lemon juice.


After about 40 minutes I heard a voice that said we had reached Dhaka , which was unbelievable to me. My ears couldn’t believe it. How is it possible to reach Dhaka within such shortest time!


But it wasn’t false. We landed on Dhaka , come out from the dream prison like giant toy and were taking our luggage to back to home. Still now it’s a great experience to go through cotton like clouds and reach Dhaka within 40 minutes!


Mohakhali, Dhaka

Date: 11-10-05


(based on a true story)


Mark: 7.5/10


Comment: Nice essay. Try to use more of your imaginative and creative thinking. (Tahmina Begum: Course Instructor of ENG 102 and Faculty Member, East West University , Dhaka )


Written in 1st Mid term examination (Essay Category: Descriptive) of the course Composition and Communication Skills (ENG 102), East-West University , Dhaka



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