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An Accident Which I Witnessed

By Benzir Shaon


Memory of any accident is generally not sweet. It’s full of sorrow and tears. In the previous year I witnessed an accident. At that moment I was walking through a pavement. I was going to Sukrabad. While the accident took place I was near Dhanmondi 32. it was about 11.50 am. I was with my uncle at that time.


Normally when I walk on the pavement of street, I walk low my eyes down. Like other days, I walked. Suddenly, a sound took my attention to the source. I saw a traffic police is holding something out of a taxi and the taxi is going with its own speed. After a few seconds I could understand the traffic police is holding the head of the taxi driver, staying outside of the taxi.


The taxi is running with its full speed with the person and he is trying to run with the car to cope himself with the speed of the taxi. After a few moments the person lost his step and just dragged by the taxi.


After going a few distance the taxi driver compelled it. Public of street cordoned the taxi and the door of the taxi was opened. The driver was pulled out from the taxi and blown and beaten by the common people. The traffic police couldn’t stop that. The driver was also beaten by the broken helmet of the traffic police.


The driver was not much beaten because of the interference of some police men at that moment. The driver along with the taxi was taken to the nearest police station.


Later on, I heard that the police wanted extra money from the driver. For that reason to teach the police the driver did so. This kind of occurrence is very bad and some accident is happening for that reason.



Mohakhali, Dhaka



(a true story)


Written as Class Work of the course Composition and Communication Skills (ENG 102) Tutorial, East-West University , Dhaka



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