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Bhola Kheya Ghat

An Interesting Place

By Benzir Shaon


I like traveling. It’s one of my favorite hobbies. My parents also like it, specially my father. So, from the very early age of my life I’ve visited many places of our country. So I’ve seen many places which were interesting.


This year I’ve visited the only island district of Bangladesh. It’s Bhola. I went there with my uncle who is my far relative.


I went Bhola by steamer. It was my first steamer journey. I started from Dhaka from late evening and reached very early of the day. We visited about three thanas of the district: Borhanuddin, District Headquarter and Lalmohon.


But among them I liked the Bhola Kheya Ghat, the place where the steamers anchor. From the ghat to the central road, the natural beauty is really splendid. As I have said we reached Bhola very early, so the Sun was very new. The Sun heat seemed that, we were basking in the fire in a chill morning (though it wasn’t a winter morning!). We were going by a rickshaw through a smooth road with green villages on both sides. The way seemed that, a python has gone through a green field. So many canals were there also, which also seemed that they are following the python like road. I didn’t see any bus, truck except some ‘tempos` private cars. But the over all situation was silent, seemed that the examiner is telling everyone not to make any sound in the exam hall. Village women were walking beside the way hiding their face with umbrellas, which looked like that, some umbrellas are walking alone beside the way. I saw the whole beauty with my eyes without blinking.


We visited many places in our life. But some places really remain in our mind in the rest of life.



Mohakhali, Dhaka



Written as Class Work (Essay Category: Descriptive) of the course Composition and Communication Skills (ENG 102), East-West University , Dhaka



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