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My Friend Murad’s Dream

By Benzir Shaon


This is nearly a true life story (but not 100%) that I have observed very closely. It’s on my friend. As I don’t want to mention the true name of my friend so I will use a false name to name the character of the hero, I mean main character of the story. Suppose he is Murad. Before going to the matter I would like to tell about the relation with this friend and a little bit from the friend’s personal area. And before going to the introductory part I apologize to my friend and I want to disclose the reason of writing the story. The reason is to neither criticize nor disrespect my friend but to learn some lessons the reader from here. There were some very close friends in my late school life and he was one of them.


My friend Murad was always very interested about doing business. His dream was to be an industrialist. If anyone tells something about anything new he would think about the business possibility of the new thing. He was very creative and good speaker and knew well how to deal with or manage a person. But the mean was followed by him was not white. He could manage a girl to make a closer one very easily. That’s why we sometimes call him business person and at the same time characterless lady killer. His ideology was to create the capital for business from the money of his father-in-law which was at-all not supported by me and another friends. He could manage to gather some money from those girl friends (!). But he couldn’t use them properly only because of his black ideology. He really tried a lot for making his dream true but unfortunately it couldn’t come out. So, ethics is a very important thing not only for give a peaceful shape of life but also a positive shape of a business dream.


Yes, still I agree that most of the business people in the world are not ethically to strong but I believe they maintain at least a minimum ethical level and that made them businessmen.


As far I know from him himself that he became husband on the age of his 20 year. I don’t know if he already became a proud father or not; if yes, may Allah bless them including the new born baby and specially my friend, my dear “Dosto”.



Azimpur, Dhaka

July 30, 2006, 4.45 PM


Published on a Wall Magazine of EWU Business Club in East West University , Dhaka

Date of Posting: Exact Date Unknown (Spring 2007)



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