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A Try for EWU Friends

By Benzir Shaon


Our university has many activities in online, some are known, some are unknown and interestingly some are half known half unknown. Among those today’s story is on a web site which has started the work for the development of EWU student’s assignment making efficiency. Ok, I will not cover the main story any more. Let it uncover and start openly. This is a web page which contains not only the old assignments but also contains links for online study, course list, semester calendar, grade counting chart etc. to facilitate student’s need as far as it can do. Here one important point needs to inform my reader that, it’s basically a part of a large personal web portal and owner is a BBA student and most of the activities are done by the owner though this web site is not too small. The main idea acted behind this creature is students sometimes know a very little about their assignments and to make it easier student run for the old copies done by their elders which is a very complex process and time consuming. To resolve those problems that BBA student individually started his mission which is totally free. Ethically this web site maintains a good standard. The downloadable materials kept here are designed in such a way by which a student can just have knowledge on the project but cannot submit a ‘copy-paste’ copy. Technically it’s possible but as the topics for assignments is changing in each time so there is very low possibility to ensure help from this web site to make a “copy-paste” assignment. Visitors can get more details by studying its “FAQ” & “Condition” page which is still a different practice for a personal web portal. Now it’s your turn to check it by copying & pasting this link of the page. Here is the link: and the home page is What else, let’s check it and ‘Have your say’.


Azimpur, Dhaka

28 November 2006



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