Pen N Paper SHAON84

for amaderStory, 1st Issue

from Benzir Shaon


Dear reader,

greetings for International Mother Language Day and also greetings for starting of “amaderEWU” & the publication “amaderStory”. First of all, thanks to Almighty, who has given the strength to finish the whole task. It’s a semester based publication of aE where anyone can contribute by sharing text, image or ideas. This publication will publish not only your writings but also drawings, illustrations and photos. Like other online publications it’s a bit different with a bit trouble. This publication allocates few items in the publication to ensure quality. During the time you walk through the roads of words here, there may be unexpected mistakes; it is hoped you will pardon that. Now let’s start the journey for something new inside.


Azimpur, Dhaka

13 November 2007, 3.46 AM



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