Pen N Paper SHAON84

Letter to My Younger Sister Era 1

From Benzir Shaon


Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem


My dearest “Munu Babu”,

It took time to write you because I was preparing myself to write you. But the truth is, all of plans for writing you lost while my pen & paper met, while I started writing. I donno but I guess who plans a lot may lose their plan more. It would very lovely letter for you as it’s a first letter, but unfortunately it’s not because this is “SHAON bhayaa”.


Your letter has some grammatical & spelling mistakes. You may blame to your busy-ness but how can you blame your attractiveness & knowledge? You congratulated me for my achievement of speech. I would like to disclose a bit about it. It was a Debating Championship by EWU Debating Club. There were 3 categories, Debate, Public Speaking and Anchoring (Presentation). I secured 3rd place in anchoring (program presenter). More stories are there on it, but I’ll tell late. Anyway, my study is not going well. It is so bad that makes a depression in me. I’m thinking, thinking & thinking for it, trying to find out the way to develop it. You always speak about the missing things in your life in your letter. But the question is, don’t you anything there that you like, love or deserve? I don’t think so. These kinds of letters with “missing”, ”sorrow”, ”lose”, ”upset” make the gloomy mind more gloomy and dark. Yes, you can write things those are really problem. Well, now it’s ended here the scolding part of the letter. You know the proverb, it’s better to get sour before sweet!


Your handwriting is really pretty, at least far better than me. Your literacy in letter is good but try more to write better. Try to write poems & never lose that virtue of writing (poem, stories etc.). What about your novel & cinema, when will you start (as you already have a “pakage Natok”)? You always tell us you miss us, but we say, we “misses” (Mrs.) you, at least it’s senior than “Miss”, ha ha. I can move without a wrist watch as my mobile have clock. I can move without my comb in my pocket as I have fingers to comb, but you know I cannot move without my computer. While I sit for a creative task, a new animation or new web page my eyes look for a sweet face for showing it. But my eyes cannot find it. It stops on a photograph hanged on the wall & tries to find her. You know who she is? So, it’s more than missing, it’s “MRS.” (!) at least senior than “Miss”.


You know I have a personal friend forum in online which has more than 650 people (friends) all over the world. You look for a letter & I look for an eMail. The similarity is you are a beggar for a letter & I’m for an eMail. But the effect of love, affection & joy for getting a letter is not similar yet.


But still I receive many eMails, write a lot for reply, many lines, but the experience to write you & there never be similar. Actually I’m familiar with finger (computer key board) rather than pen (manual letter writing), that’s why the number of hand written letter than printed eMail is not same.


But still this letter is going to be a part of my history in my life because, perhaps it’s the 1st English letter from a cruel brother to a lovely-sweetest lady child. I’m really sorry for writing a lot with a bad handwriting with difficult words.


I don’t want to end it with thanking like a very traditional way. I want to end it with the warmth of love & softness of affection.



Pachur Mama

(Your Pachu is crying inside the showcase!)


Azimpur, Dhaka        

August 25, 2006, 6.05 pm



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