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Letter to My Younger Sister Era 10

From Benzir Shaon


November 14, 2007, Wednesday

3.43 AM


My Era,

How you feel now, well, better than previous? I still don’t know why and what take you to the door of hospital and what compel you to spend some naughty moments in hospital. I hope you are now ready to put your step with heavy boot. About me: after you left, after about two weeks I need to be hospitalized for the operation in my knee. Now my leg is coated by plaster. I walk in 3 legs, one leg and two borrowed legs of crutch. Next week doctor asked to see him. But good news is I can sit in computer and can work. Now I’m busy with some tasks in computer.


I got your last letter with a face, little but good, ok. Anyway let me look to you. You are very far from me and us. At that moment one, at least as a brother I should not be harsh, but you know me. And I know you.


The experience of last vacation was not at all good, and for that you don’t need to say sorry to me. No one knows but I think I can understand a bit. You are crossing a very sensitive time now, I mean your age. You are in a critical state now. You are in such an age when boys and girls face new changes and challenges for the change of mind and body. At the same time you don’t have your mother or brother close to you and you are passing your days in an absolutely different world. Meanwhile you are a bit different from very early age and your mind has changed in different age without maintaining any rule. It’s my assumption, may be false. Due to the change of your mind and body you face many problems including relation problem, which is a very sensitive and common problem. At the same time the surroundings you are now, gives you a different lesson of life. Every thing has a black part too; along with a bright, white part. So I hope you will not been confused to select the best MCQ of your life even from good things. It’s too tough and in many cases impossible. And for that, especially thinking for this particular age to support you, I tried to be a close friend for you from very early of your life. You need a close counseling. I think though I cannot give you the warranty card for all of your solutions, but I can try. And I will not go to you for that, I expect you will come to me for them and bring my time for you out.


Whatever, a lot of ink has lost in that paper, no more.

Take care of your health; pray so that I can walk normally like others walk with two legs.


Allah hafez.




Shaon Bhayaa



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