Pen N Paper SHAON84

Letter to My Younger Sister Era 11

From Benzir Shaon


February 14, 2008        Thursday         6.03 PM


This is for my Cadet A-28

Perhaps the look of this letter sent to you from your brother just at the eve of your “Happy Happy Birthday” may came to a shocking mood. But just a bit before turning your mood to a gloomy one I would like to prepare a reason to stop it.


Dear Appi, I’m too busy now with the opening of SHAON’s first public web portal built for my university (it’s not an officially recognized web site). Today it has opened. I’m also busy with my exams, study, assignments and all other stuffs related to family.


I hope you won’t be so disappointed getting this “Black & White” letter during the age of Color Television. But you know Black & White is good for eye!


Anyway, I’m in my university computer lab and going home now.

Wish for a Happy Falgun, Valentine and finally “A Happy Happy Birthday”.


Take care, best of luck…




Shaon Bhayaa



Mohakhali, Dhaka



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