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Letter to My Younger Sister Era 2

From Benzir Shaon


My Dear Sweet Cadet,

You got my 1st letter and I got yours and this is the another letter.


Recently, I'm away from study because I'm going to start a new semester on the 1st part of September. The interesting thing is that after the final exam I'm far from my outside job. And it's about 1 week plus I think. But I'll think about it again. Right now I'm in fever and even right at this moment I writing. My result is again very poor; please pray for me, I think it will work. The trouble is I'm still sleeping a lot, even more than you have seen. Also pray for it. Zahrul Chachu has promoted to Deputy Director that made him more busy. You know Chachi has also been promoted. But I'm not. Sorry for writing negative words but the truth is thing are happening here (for me) are negative, how I can tell the positive.


The last letter from you said, if I would there I would forget every one, do the other cadets are same and you the only different one...I cannot agree that I would forget all, I would think a lot.


The letter also said, you disturb me a lot, but the true one is the just opposite. I love your disturbances, beats-hits and words.


Waiting for those disturbances...



This is

Shaon bhaiyaa

A brother of a sweet cadet


September 1, 2006, 12.40 am



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