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Letter to My Younger Sister Era 3

From Benzir Shaon



The cadet No 28,

No, don’t think that by sending to cadet college I have changed your name to a no. you know you are Era. And I know it better than you because you’re used to hear cadet no. 28 but I used to remember her as Era, my Era. This is an answer of your letter that mentioned I forgot (!) you. Sometimes I support some of your bad ideas but right now I cannot support your cry what you did at last day with Ma. You know, after coming from you she spent the whole evening by lying. It may happen for tiredness but most of the days she’s seen unhappy on the day when she came from you. I don’t know why, may be she loves you more than me or she can see your sufferings. But your expression of your problems really makes Ma weaker as you know most of her times she spent lonely though I spend all of my time at home without my university hour. You will always remember, every human being is a soldier in life, you are not different. But you are sent to that prison (!) to be more efficient, true & strong soldier for life. You have to pass with A+ grade in the exam of being a true soldier of life. I want to wrap up my words with a small argument. You always sent beautiful letters with beautiful color, page, glitter, good handwriting, but I cannot. Because I’m not as beautiful as you are. But you don’t know in a very poor sheet of paper with colorless words & bad hand writing there can be a sign of endless love & affection. Want to test? Ok, smell it, touch it.



For Era,

a cadet no # 28



Shaon Bhayaa

Nov. 27, 2006



(Noted 4.15am)



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