Pen N Paper SHAON84

Letter to My Younger Sister Era 4

From Benzir Shaon


January 20, 2007
Saturday 9.50 PM


This is for my Cadet A-28

I think this letter will make you happier than the previous pages. The papers were not good enough & my famous handwriting often plays ‘confusion game’ with you. You became confused actually in which language the letter I written: Chinese or Arabic or actually in stylish Bangla! But one thing might play an interesting role for them those who read my letters before you read. Definitely it was a gigantic task for them (letter pre-readers), (even you and your other room-mates) to find out the meaning what I actually wrote for you. But today it’s less hard to understand the finger-writing (as you know we write in computer keyboard by finger). Anyway, that all were fun. Fun is most of the cases stupidly funny!


I don’t want to have a hard & harsh word in the 1st annual letter to you like: “HOW YOUR STUDY GOING”. But I would like to ask “how interestingly your days are going” or “how about your friends & teachers and their Eid”. One more question specially for you: “how is the letter pad and the plan of writing the letter by `finger’ instead of using the whole `hand’!”. 


I don’t know if you have already started the study along with your classes, but the thing is how hard you see the Science is as you know I am a Business Studies student from the beginning of my specialized education. But another thing that I would like to remind you that, I think there is no other subject in the world which doesn’t need the knowledge of science & mathematics is one of the parts that you cannot cutoff from your study like the subject Biology that you don’t like (I too!). So this will help you in rest of you education life and life.


I will wrap up the letter by giving an advice as you know seniors are always specialists on giving advice to juniors on free of cost. In every case in the world, result or output (whatever you call it) depends on your determination. It depends on, how strongly you determined to finish your mission (what I mean here is your study). So, everything depends on your mental strength. So it is hoped that you will not loose your courage to study science as you are not less brave like me.


The last: ‘Abbu’ always said, if you look for 900 marks you may not cross it but you will be close to 900. And if you think for ‘pass’ with 33% mark surely it will really hard for you to pass.


Lets delete the word “IMPOSSIBLE!”, say everything is “POSSIBLE”. Lets believe: it’s YOU who can make it and I always believe it for myself. This believe is a fuel for me…



Best of luck for you, best of luck for your future and… best of luck for your result.




This is

One & Only



Shaon Bhayaa



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