Pen N Paper SHAON84

Letter to My Younger Sister Era 6

From Benzir Shaon


Wednesday May 16, 2007, 5.15 PM



The Cadet # A-28

Ayesha House

Feni Girls cadet College




Sub: Prayer for apology to late reply



Dear Medam:


With due respect I wish to inform you that I am a member of your family and the only son of your mother could not able to reply your previous letters due to some unavoidable reasons. I received all of your last letters with a lot of joy which contained a lot of affection inside. Now my university is close for semester break and it will continue up to the next Sunday. We all are fine. Hope that same to you and thanks for nice letters to me and us. Hope that after opening my university I shall be more fine with my tasks. My web development process is in progress. You will glad to know to learn from 14th instant I do have internet line at home for night slot.


I therefore, pray and hope that, you will be kind enough to forgive me for this late and short reply and allow me to continue that very bad practice in future without any application later. I shall be grateful to you for the rest of my life if you permit me at least during your cadet life.




I Remain,


Your Most Obedient Pupil and,

One of your family members,



“Shaon Bhayaa”



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