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Letter to My Younger Sister Era 7

From Benzir Shaon


June 06, 2007, Tuesday
12.15 AM


“An Essay on Letter”

To Dear A-28



Actually, very unfortunately the letter writing has started with the last paragraph, I mean from “Conclusion”. Sorry for a short essay “Mam”, but I tried to keep maintain my words within 250 words (again sorry for false statement).



Description is always big but I started making rule by breaking the traditional rule…


Advantages of Letter

There are lot of advantages of receiving and replying letters, but major advantage of receiving letters is we get information about the letter writer that sometimes gives mental relief such as “I’m fine”, “We have a lot of fun here” etc. And replying letters’ advantage is, we can pose a good relation with the letter writer or we can keep in touch and the possibility of getting another letter goes up and up. But arrival of sweet letter from a sweet hand is always welcome from all part, such as “a letter from a sister”.


Disadvantages of Letters

Like the Earth which has a day and a night, letter do also some adverse effect, such as new letter’s arrival reminds us to prepare ourselves to reply the letter and sometimes letter with “bad” news like “Dad, I need money” is may not welcome always by all fathers in the family. On the other hand, if the letter replier’s handwriting is too bad then sometimes he may need to take preparation to go along with the letter if it becomes a very necessary requirement along with the letter’s condition. These are the major problems. Eminent scholar(s) are working hard to find out more disadvantages.


Consequences of No-Reply

A consequence of no-reply is dangerous, that creates serious problem specially rewarding cruel words from “Writer’s Mother”; where the practical example is that essayist (me).


Sweet Replies & Harsh Advices

There are too many “Sweets” and “Harshes” which is not possible to make within one page. All will be paid in CASH after your kind arrival or wait for next STUPID ESSAY!


Me & Us

“We all are fine” as people write in common letters.



Everyone should write letters and give reply to all letters as early as possible, specially if the letter written by a sweet cadet like Era, though some very cruel and bad brothers violet the rule. Government should take necessary steps and punish those culprits for unnecessary delay.



Written by


“Shaon Bhayaa”
An essayist, very unfortunately who has a beautiful lady inside “A Beautiful Cadet Prison”



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