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Letter to My Younger Sister Era 8

From Benzir Shaon


June 13, 2007, Wednesday

12.53 AM


My Era,

I’m in a hurry. Exams are busier than me now because they are preparing themselves to knock at my door. SAT, SUN, MON are those 3 days for 3 course exams, term final exam, 1st term. I’m trying to do better for now, but the rest of the things have made friendship with Mysterious Almighty & Unknown Future. I am now not working for SHAON but still working in net, browsing for unnecessary things. Now I’m a good fakibaj in Shuchona. But I’m trying to do opposite in other necessary tasks. Lot ’s of plans are playing in my cow dung enriched head but they cannot see light only because of my negligence and improper time management. I’m really in a problem for not to manage time in a proper way and I know none can help me except Allah and finally it’s me has to be the hero to solve the problem. But as it’s not too easy to be a hero in film and here it’s also more difficult to be hero to be a problem solver here. I don’t know what consequences are really waiting for me. Perhaps if someone be in my place s/he may ruin or became a full frustrated. I’ve not reached that point but perhaps I’m heading there. Actually I cannot share my problems to any trusted person who will really value it. Anyway, don’t feel afraid for it. I’m trying to be hero.


Take care.


We all are fine with nice tiny chattering mice….. (!)




Shaon Bhayaa



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