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Letter to My Younger Sister Era 9

From Benzir Shaon


August 16, 2007, Thursday
12.37 AM



My final exam for this semester has just finished at 3.15 PM today. But you know I become busier in time when people use to do leisure. I’m waiting for exam result what’s going to come again. About today’s exam I had no preparation before I wake at 7.35AM today. I studied hard in my transport (bus) standing 3 hours from exam moment. At that moment my head was in extreme pressure that I generally don’t do at any time.


Perhaps I’m really a different one who tries to use the best of his time after exam script and question paper distributed to write. When students start taking preparation to vomit (writing) as what they studied during the whole semester, I start my study with having the attention at the peak as I can. Many time I heard examiner’s voice back to me saying “Oo, my God, you are still here! Exam script has already distributed!” But still I’m here with a miserable result, standing without any support like crutch. I need to have policy up-gradation regarding this. Good news is, I’m trying to increase the level of sensitivity and attention to my study. I hope that it will work gradually.


For next day my plan is to prepare a schedule of work for next days. This vacation is a very challenging period for me because I have to design some new sites and prepare extensive contents for next four months that includes most of my recent releasable web sites and their updates and new releases. It’s huge, it’s cannot be written within a small piece of paper, some web plans are secured up-to  the moment before the plans comes true.


I got your letter that conveys thanks for reminding your Red Passport Materials to enter your college; its okay and no need; I know you are like as you behaved on the day (forgetting things, and not keeping things in proper place).


Do you suffer from flood? We are not suffering, but the whole country is suffering. Pray for them before you pray for me.


Apna kheal rakhna (thora thora hindi, ja pari).


Allah Hafez.




Shaon Bhayaa



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