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My Aim

I Want To Be A Film Producer

By Benzir Shaon


Without aim a person cannot prosper. Without aim a person becomes frustrated and in the long run he can do nothing. So most people have an aim in life, we grow up with a dream. Many people can achieve their goal while most people can’t. Like most of the people I have an aim too. I want to be a film producer, that is my dream.


When I was a boy of 14 year old, I thought that there are no good films even now. It seemed to me that I can fill up the gap of a good producer. I dreamt, I’ll shoot my movies in Hollywood or somewhere else. I think a good film can change a society and it can motivate people. It has the power to change a bad person to a god one. It can make a person knowledgeable and matured also. As I want public welfare, I want to change the society in a positive way.


I have a future plan for that. Now I’m studying in BBA in East-west University . After finishing that, I’ll go for MBA degree abroad. After that I’ll engage myself with some courses related to film making in my country and abroad. And during the course period I’ll start a film which I hope to make.


To be a film maker, firstly a person needs observation power. I don’t have a good observation power, but I’m trying to enhance the power. Whenever, I see any advertisement or TV drama or cinema I try to judge it’s good and bad sides and at same time its technological aspects.


I’ve started my preparation from very beginning of my life. I observe everything which I see in each moment. I imagine many situations. As I like special effects in movies I’ve started working mindset with computer based animation. I’ve already constructed a short animation movie with my own music and story.


I hope that my dream will be true one day and I hope my film will be a glorious achievement for my country and I hope that our country will be capable to produce world class films.



Mohakhali, Dhaka



Written as Class Work of the course Composition and Communication Skills (ENG 102) Tutorial, East-West University , Dhaka



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