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My Father, My First Teacher

by Benzir Shaon


The word ‘Teacher` - has so many meanings to different people in different aspects. But the most common meaning of a teacher is, it is a person who teaches someone or a group of people. Generally, to people, the first teacher of a person is his parents. And that is the reality.


Today, I’ll introduce a very familiar person with a different name. He is my father. He was the first teacher of my life. Though as a profession he was a banker. He was not a school or college teacher, but I learnt my first lesson from him.


His teaching method was very interesting. I learnt how to count, how to add or subtract or multiply or divide numbers. He used marbles, onions, potatoes, and garlic, to make me understand. In my young age, I learnt about the world, I learnt how difficult the world is! He was much friendly with different walks of people. So, at that time I also, learnt how to talk with people, how to mix with people.


He didn’t desire too much from me. He just wanted to see a good result from me. I have seen his happiness while I got talent-pole scholarship; I have seen his happiness while I stood first in the test exam. His dream was I would be one of the students of top 10 in SSC. I cannot forget his activity during my SSC exam. But the cruel fact is that, he couldn’t see my SSC result.


I lost my father in 2001. I lost not only my father but also a great teacher who always showed me the right path. May Allah rest his soul in peace.



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An Assignment for Tahmina Begum, Course Instructor, Composition & Communication Skill (ENG102), East-West University , Dhaka


Azimpur, Dhaka

October, 2005

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