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By Benzir Shaon


The publication from the portal ‘amaderEWU’ is ‘amaderStory’, started alone with a dream to make a large family having family members not only from East West University but also out of the campus. It’s an independent publication dreaming to cross the boundary of the campus by its promise and quality. It’s not a news publication basically. Its focus is everywhere except that one, but news is not a villain here.


The main two targets are: one, by an online forum or a web portal bringing the whole EWU in one platform including students, teachers and other officials. And number two is, utilizing the endless creative power of students. May be within a very short place amaderStory cannot provide opportunity for everyone, but the task will be successful if students try to utilize their creative power. Here one interesting thing is: not only EWU publics but also any external person who has no relation with EWU can contribute in all or any sector of the web site and the publication. Though it’s a publication of such a web site that is focused to a university but its aim is to cross it’s boundary of university campus; so definitely the writings or ideas which is not exclusively focused to university will get more acceptability. But it’s not like this, university related writings or ideas get thrown to waste box. They are also welcome.


During my university hour I found there is no united virtual place where student can express theirselves. There are some online forums where it’s tougher to survive rather than to be member because of having too many messages in the inbox after being member. But at the same time they were also better steps for fulfilling that need of uniting students, making community. Very interesting thing is there are many online activities done by EWU publics or done for EWU not have been focused or not been properly informed or promoted only for the lack of a common platform. So, it was also in the list of needs where we can get all the links those are on EWU or by EWU publics; webs, forum or other things. We have a very good university news-letter which is given free of cost to every student but many of them are not interested to read it except their expected news. It doesn’t have any online version, where a good number of students used to sit in our computer labs for internet.


The primary idea to make a site like this was generated for several semesters back, but cannot be started for many other hassles including my negligence. Finally I started to start my work from the middle of the semester Summer 2007. For collecting the writing it need to post a public notice or poster. But what I wanted was, after taking university administrative approval I’ll do that. I had also a plan to promote EWU clubs by having some basic information on them, that would help a lot for new students and existing students and clubs would mostly benefited by having potential members. At that time I found about 18 clubs in our university and it was too difficult to communicate with all club’s moderators; but still I waste my sweat running behind them. Within the said time many clubs couldn’t manage to submit their required information and at that time I also felt not all clubs but some clubs are uninterested to involve themselves with that idea. Finally I left that plan of clubs. But I’m very grateful to EWU Telecom Club who played a very responsible role of providing required information of their part. Thanks to Asif Bhai, the president of EWUTC.


Anyway, right at the moment I was also busy to collect an administrative approval and to be sure still any approval required starting this work of constructing the site. During that moment I got help from some of our officials and faculties; I’m grateful to them. I alarmed time is running out and the writings for the publication amaderStory need to be collected from students. And that need a public announcement (poster). Posting the posters Dhrubo and Tonmoy helped me, thanks to them also. The poster brought many writings from students but it wasn’t good enough; perhaps because of the exam time or the promotion. Unfortunately some writings have very poor grammatical level; that means grammatical mistakes, spelling mistake even in some cases it was hard to find the meaning. It’s not the story of all writings, it happened to very few. So, request to the writers please write your writings in such a way so that it can be published in any good magazine or newspaper.


I think one reply should give before asking the question, it is: why alone you (me) start that job, why not other involvement before launching or before the first issue. Well, I passed several semesters in this university having a very bad conception about group work. It seemed to me if I started to make this assignment (this web site and that publication) forming a group, perhaps it would never been done. But still I believe, there are some friends who will come, join and hold the steering of it. The planned inauguration time was Fall 2007 and again it delayed for one more semester.


We have very good writers and creative brains in our compound but because of a better support and uncertainty of publishing they don’t step ahead or even don’t try. This place is a place for provide opportunity who truly like to utilize theirselves with proper responsibility and without having the target of earning money as it's a voluntary task. So, any external or EWU public like to come to contribute must have to come with a volunteer motive. And finally don’t forget to write, send photograph, art or to contribute here.



Azimpur, Dhaka

13 November 2007, 2.33 AM



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