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The Script of 1st Release of


By Benzir Shaon


[This is the script of the web site SHAON’s IT page when it was built for the 1st time]



"InfoTech" - briefly "Information Technology". Not only the name but also the subject is really like an ocean. Here, my contribution is very tiny. But just I tried myself to do something with my little knowledge. The section here is web, graphics design, animation, and software.


I saw a PC for the first time when I was a boy of ten with the help of my younger maternal uncle Kabi. First day I played a game named "The Prince of Persia". After several days uncle hired a PC like a briefcase from his friend. It had no mouse, no sound box, even any game. It was with MS-DOS OS. There were only "Word Perfect 5.1" & "FoxPro 2.6". So, can you imagine how old the PC was! I myself used only Word Perfect. I typed whole day long and naughty uncle deleted them all at night.


But I'm grateful so much to that “naughty uncle” Kabi, who taught me MS-DOS commands; who taught me to start, who taught me the first lesson. I also specially thank to my father who bought the PC for me as a gift.


My Web: The day is not so far that I've started web designing. just as a hobby I started. Today not only my personal web but also I've designed my official web. You'll glad to know I've planned & designed all the webs here. Though they may not pose high quality, but my satisfaction is that, I've just tried to do.


Graphics Design: In the page kept in art section of my web you'll get some graphic design. I can't tell what kind of graphic design they are, but just u can tell them digital art.


Animation: The special effect or the visual effect used in hi-tech movies of north America or in Hollywood , I'm very interested about them, about their making. They specially attract me.


First time I started animation in MS-Power Point. It's really an interesting story. I forgot eating-bathing during my PC tasks. It was an addiction and still this moment. But the difference is that now the time is reserved and I don't use MS-Power Point commonly.


Programming: Actually I'm not a programmer, but have a little interest in it.



Written: 15 May 2004
Modified: 5 January 2005



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