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Introduce to Foreigner

I Am from Bangladesh

by Benzir Shaon


Let me introduce myself. I’m from such a country which is one of the richest countries in the world. We have nothing that we don’t have. We have glorious history. We paid our life for our language which never occurred in the history of the mankind. Our unskilled villagers fought against the world’s most modern Pak army of that time and snatched our independence within a shortest time, only nine months. We have splendid natural beauty, fertile plain land, excellent climate, longest sea beach and largest mangrove forest. We have beautiful hills, rivers, lakes, sea, forests, birds, flowers and many more. We produce the finest jute and tea in the world. We have one of the richest gas and coal mines. We have very glorious and strong intellectual and literary background. We have Nobel Prize in our country. We speak in Bangla which is world’s one of the toughest and scientific languages. We have glorious literary background in that language which have many international glorious prizes, too. Our people are educated and friendly. We have different religious people, mostly Muslim. We truly maintain a smooth religious harmony. Our national cricket team is one of the 12 International Test Playing Cricket Team. We have many glorious structures in our country among them: Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge (the 11th longest bridge of the world), Vashani Novo Theater (one of the best-equipped planetariums in Asia), National Parliament Building , Bashundhara Shopping Mall (the largest shopping mall in South Asia ) etc. are there. I’m saying about Bangladesh , a country in South-East Asia . I’m proud of her.


Azimpur, Dhaka

12 November, 2007, 6.36 PM



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