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No East No West,

East West is the Best

By Benzir Shaon


Once upon a time student’s used to come East West University from Mohakhali crossing by saying rickshaw puller, “Will you go BRAC centre” or said “Square Building”. Both of them are existed till today, but one thing that has been created within that long time; that is the name of “ East-West University ”. Physically that was there but today it made its own image by dropping the honest sweat day by day. Today it’s a name, a name of trust and quality. In recent years EWU has got an honor of being the top listed private university in our country. EWU has created its own image by maintaining strong ethical standard in regular study and examination halls. Student’s are here from different social level that has made an excellent student communication. The faculty members and staffs are also playing an important role for maintaining it. By having all the academic buildings together the university campus enjoys a different surrounding for the communication of students and teachers, even without having green fields like other public universities. The good news on it is: EWU has started to build its own home (campus). The university has some supporting departments for students, such as: Career Counseling Centre for ensuring jobs in market, Medical Centre for medical facility, Software Development Centre for different technical innovation and maintenances. Student Workers and Teaching Assistants are there to give support beside assigned course instructors. Students’ have the opportunity to study in study rooms, 3 storied library along with a reference section. The university area has got a balanced socio-economic standard for everyone by having tiny tea stalls, photocopy shops and other external facilities. The students have listed their name in the book of honest and gentle students where the university has also played a hidden role.  Here the faculties and staffs are working from dawn to dusk for maintaining its quality and working with a dream of growth. The club culture here on different specialized theme is playing an interesting role for taking the name of EWU out of the campus. Still if I try write more on it this writing may turn to more lines. So my pen should stop here.



Azimpur, Dhaka

28 November 2006

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