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We Don’t Want To Be Hopeless

By Benzir Shaon


From the ancient time we, Bangladeshis couldn’t hold our sovereignty. After changing our ruling chair by different national events finally we achieved our victory in 1971. By this time people started to dream for a bright future, a bright nation. But political turmoil in different years turned it to a different reality. Government changes, administration changes, changes are in different areas in different aspects but fate of the poor, fate of common people don’t get any change. And at the same time people stated to fight with cruel reality, people forgot to dream a sweet dream. But should we be in that state, what we don’t have to be “the best”. Perhaps Bangladesh is the only country which has an endless possibility and power to grow, to be “the best”. We have the talented human resources; we have mine in nature, good climate and straight land which most of country don’t have. Today we are having good investment from home and abroad from different sectors. We have the 11th largest bridge, largest shopping mall in South-Asia, Bhashani Novo Theatre – one of the most well equipped planetariums in Asia and so on. We have the history which makes us proud. From nature we have got the largest mangrove forest and the longest sea beach of the world. Today we do have a Bangladeshi Noble Prize Winner. Tomorrow we will get more awards that will lift out prestige to upper level. We are really a privileged nation in the world. Do you think still we don’t have anything to dream a dream of bright prosperity?


Azimpur, Dhaka

13 December 2006



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