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The No.1
I always dream to be an university faculty. This is my 1st choice. I love to teach, share, present, communicate and make fun. So, I think teaching is the perfect place for me. You will find my academic assignment done during my undergraduate & graduate life in EWUeducation & mbaEducation. You can also Read My Writings.

Lack of good films make me crazy to do that. I also discovered, it's such a platform where it needs multi-categoried intellectualism. And very interestingly I found this can be a real place for me where I can utilize all of my interesting areas. I've already started my are welcome... Go to Film Page.

Acting in media or stage is another thing that I wish to do. I have already done few stage dramas. Find more in MediaFocus section here.

TV Media
I wish to work in TV media as an actor or presenter. I've already worked a few in few TV channels. Find more in MediaFocus section here.

I'm a blind fan of music. I've already composed some music compositions which may not taste good to you. Click to pass 'painful noisy moments'... Music Page

Presenting-Reciting-Debating - I like them, love them. Find more in MediaFocus section here.

I know I'm not a good writer; but I try to write. I mostly like to write essay on different sections of knowledge & story. But except them there are many categoried texts I wrote; Have Look to Them.

Art has countless sections and subsections which was started from drawing an Apple in that age. You can see them here.

Camera is the another name of photography. I'm interested about both: subject and device, that means Photography and Camera. This interest has basically came from the interest of film camera. Watch My Photographs.

Social Work
Suddenly I discovered I am involved with social activities. Find stories of my Social Works

Find More on my business... click here.

Find out my travelling areas with more detail. Get it here...

Making Friends
I like to mix with people and make friends. I believe in individual friendship; but a group of friends are not rejected. You are welcome to call me, mail me, chat ot meet. I dislike dishonest, moody and unfriendly mannered persons. Caution: I talk too much! Connect With Me.

From 1995 (so far I can remember), I started to collect stamps; and still informally continuing it. Get detail list of collected stamps and exchangable items with related details.
More About Stamp Collection

My hobby of coin collection came after stamp collection. And the story is same; still continuing it informally. Find the list of collected coins and exchangable items with related details. Get Con Details

From the very beginning of my life I'm interested about science, though I've no science background. Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics and Chemistry - I like. Although they are my favourite side from science, I got less chances to know about them, because I've already told I've no science background. But I still love it.

Graphics & Animation
This interest grew from the special effects used in western films. In most of special effect based films we find the cunning tactics of computer animation behind the screen. From that, some how I became interested on this and from there I also been trapped by the magical colour of graphics design. My animation level is still not that good; but I've used it in my web and my creatures. I don't know whether you will like them or not! You may have some practices in my films. Go My Film Page.

Web Designing
i cannot relate it with anything. It came just like a hobby. I found, web can be a powerful media and a platform to express ideas. Finally I started my work on it and today it has made its own place in my mind and online. The examples are lying under each click of your mouse here. My Web Designing

I don't have a blind interest on it. In early days of my life I tried to build small structures with the toy named "LEGO". In the photography page you will find some lego built structures by me. I built a paper made building in 1999 with approximately zero knowledge base and that was my largest work under this topic upto now. Lego Designed Homes

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