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First Day: "I can remember, it was 18 August 2003; time: morning 8 o'clock ; a workshop on "Shupto Shoktir Bikashe Shonghotoner Bhumika" arranged by Shuchona. I was one of two organizaers of that program. Few audiences in a medium size room of Azimpur Estate Janakallayan Shamity, an anchor going to start the program with a warm reception with an unexpert voice." - That was situation of first time anchoring in my life. There was no easily recognized stage; a plain floor.

Second Day: And the next anchoring was on the same year 16 September at Showkat Osman Auditorium (Public Library) in front of hundreds of audiences. It was a fund rising program arranged by Amra Volar Shantan; I was again one of the two organizers. The programs was for the victim family who lost their family members in a steamer accident (M V Nasrin). The main item was a drama: Shankranti by Aronnok.

Venues: And after that I have anchored many cultural program, workshop, discussion etc. in numerous venue like: Azimpur Estate Janakallayan Shamity, Ziaur Rahman Auditorium (Bangladesh Shishu Academy), Sclupturist Novera Auditorium (Bangladesh National Museum), Showkat Osman Auditorium (Public Library), Bangaldesh Council for Child Welfare Auditorium (Topkhana Road, Dhaka), Motiur Stage (Bangladesh Shishu Academy), Children Museum (Bangladesh Shishu Academy) etc.

More I Enjoyed: One thing, I always enjoyed my class presentations in English in my University which is fully related with my studies; sometimes with some PowerPoint slides, sometimes with a group and sometimes alone!


Poem Reciting
I have no course on poem reciting and I'm at all not a good reciter. But in different times I have few chances to recite poem and I have more few chances to read my own poem.

Venues: I got opportunity to recite poem in few spots like: Dhaka City College Auditorium, Central Shaheed Minar, Sundarban Hotel, Ziaur Rahman Auditorium (Bangladesh Shishu Academy), Motiur Stage (Bangladesh Shishu Academy) etc.

Own Poem: I recited my own poem "Borenno Shopner Jonne Shob Miliey Bondhu Hoi" in Ziaur Rahman Auditorium (Bangladesh Shishu Academy).


Best Days: One of the best times of my life was my school life and among the school life the years 1999 and 2000 was best of the bests. This two years I suddenly started to recite from Quran, Oath reading or Playing National Anthem standing behind school girls in regular school assemblies. Perhaps that was the first time appearance out of my classrooms.

Inspiration: As far I can remember I stared to read reading in my classroom in my first days while I learnt to read. I tried to read differently and very interestingly that reading was the first inspiration of my anchoring, poem reciting, debating, acting, delivering speech or even courage to sing.

Opportunity: But very unfortunately I have a few chances to read. I always raised my hand first while someone ask to a group of students, "Who Will Read?" (I have that habit till today, ha ha) in English or Bangla. I have an opportunity to read some person's life story in Former Chief Minister Abu Hossain Sharkar Memorial Medel distribution ceremony in Bangaldesh Council for Child Welfare Auditorium (Topkhana Road, Dhaka) on 21 July 2005. It was quite a long reading.

Memory: But I cannot forget the days in 1999 in my class room in Bangla class where in each Thursday I read Zahir Raihan's "Hazar Bochor Dhore" with a varity of voice for each character, each event alone; I myself enjoyed that along with my classmates.


Being an organizer and for involving with different organizations I stood for speech on stage in many times. Officially as far I can remember I deliver my first speech on 6 September 2003 in Bangaldesh Council for Child Welfare Auditorium (Topkhana Road, Dhaka) as the junior most participant in the workshop to express my experience without any preparation or any prepared script.


I was a student of class 9 at that time while I stand for a tiny debate for the first time in my life; first and once in school. Later, a gap in collage and started again in my university with EWU Debating Club; mostly in English. I don't have any big achievement in debating but I always enjoyed that; both in Bangla and English.


Again back to the year 1999 in my school. A competiton on Islamic Song; I left my class for a short time to participate; among sea of school girls I was one among few of the boys. I remember I sang Kazi Nazrul's "Tora Dekhe Ja Amina Maer Kole". And later the last in 2007 after 8 years I sang the same song on stage (Ziaur Rahman Auditorium, Bangladesh Shishu Academy, Dhaka) in front of audiences in an Islamic program. And in between the gap of that time most of the times on stage I gave side vocals informally in many programs. Informally I played gypsy (a musical instrument) in many stages. I never was too active on stage on that sector, but I'm a blind fan of music.

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