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This movie clip has been developed for study purpose; for an assignment course named Intrigrated Marketing Communication (MKT402) in East West University. As a part of the assignment the students need to promote the product "Nabisco Biscuit". And this is what they did for that. The main theme and the thing was to promote the renowned Bangladeshi biscuit brand "Nabisco" by providing free biscuit on the street. The event has held in 26 April 2008, Saturday in East West University, Dhaka campus premises from Morning to Noon. The group is thankful to the course instructor Nayeema Ahmed. This is the 2nd film directed by Benzir Shaon.

This movie's main clips has been taken during the event, but story developement was done at about 6 am on 27 April 2008. The whole night need to be paid by director alone for the developement. And on 27th was the date of presenting it along with other documents in EWU auditorium. The presentation was taken by the MKT402 course instructor Nayeema Ahmed. At the end of the day this video clip has been presented, with a billboard, a web site (by benzir SHAON) and a radio commercial developed by the group for the company. The sound track choosing was a big challenge; matching with the content.

"As the director of the movie I would like to share my beautiful moments I spent with the group for the assignment with very few words: It seemed to me after a long day I have mixed with people with an expenditure of a big time slot. They are really helpful & friendly. I can't forget anyone. Rukshana, a group member, who worked with her beautiful skill which was truely remarkable. On the event's day I had a very important examinamtion (Mkt Rch). That's why I have seen very few in the movie."

This movie has been presented with a hauge appreciation in EWU auditorium which was actually nothing but the Group Assignment's presentation on 27 April 2008 in front of other rival groups at the last moment of the whole presentation event. This was the last group to be presented. Later this video clip officailly released as SHAON84's movie on 15 June 2008 at YouTube web site and in SHAON84.

Sound Track
The background sound has taken from "Harrer Ghor Khani (Instrumental)" by Shandipon Das


  • Camera: Md Rayyan Jamil
  • Thanks to Friends Who Worked for The Campaign: Rukshana Ali, Md Khairul Habib Miah, Md Ryyan Jamil, Mazedul Hoque
    Mohammad Kamrul Islam, Md Mahabubul Hossain
  • The Group Members: Rukshana Ali, Md Khairul Habib Miah, Md Ryyan Jamil, Mazedul Hoque, Benzir Shaon
    Mohammad Kamrul Islam, Md Mahabubul Hossain
  • Special Thanks To: Nayeema Ahmed & Those Who Worked Hard For The Event & Project
  • Production House & Studio: Benzir Creation House Web Site
  • Story, Animation, Planned & Directed by: Benzir Shaon




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