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This 1.48 minute movie consists of still images only. In this movie it has said that, babies look beautiful. We like them, love them. But the world is not so lovely for all the babies. They are facing harsh reality of food problem, war, natural disaster. All these man made and nature made disasters' main reason is Human Being, WE. Why we do all these; among many answers one answer we cannot pass off is: Because of "Excessive Rise of Population". So to ensure a better tomorrow for tomorrows' citizen of the world, lets think and take action against population problem. "Think What to Do And Take Action". That's the theme of the movie.

This movie has developed for a class presentation held on 14 July 2008. The class presentation was on a course of Sales Management, a Marketing Major course in east West University, Dhaka. it was a group presentation and the topic was "Birth Controlling System". The idea of the presentation was to sell the concept of Birth controlling system to a group of people (to the class). It was a part of study.

After preparing my group presentation's slide at night 3.30 AM on 14 July I started to write the story and the whole task took the rest of the night. The 76 images used here required to resize for the best fit in the screen which took the maximum time among whole task. The images used here are collected from internet within that said time. Some of them were exist in my PC before as my personal collection. Finally without a moment's sleep I went to my university campus and set the presentation along with the group members at about 11.15 AM. The class started 10.10 AM.

The sound track has a specialty. See in Sound Track paragraph.

The release or the first show take place in East West University's Academic Building's Room No. 303 at about 11.15 AM, 14 July 2008. It was stated without any official declaration. Something like: beginning without any sound. My classmates liked it as the huge clap proved so.This video clip officially released as SHAON84's movie on 17 August 2008 at YouTube web site and in SHAON84.

Sound Track
For the first time the director of the movie Benzir Shaon has given his own voice behind a scene. the whole tune recorded within about 8.00 to 10.00 AM on 13 July 2008.

This movie has been "Dedicated to all field workers who works for better family planning".


  • The Group Members: Md. Zobair, Rashed Jahan Tusher, Md. Parvez Hossain, Nurul Kabir Sifat, Benzir Shaon
  • Images: Internet and Director's Personal External Image Collection
  • Production House & Studio: Benzir Creation House Web Site
  • Story, Animation, Music, Planned & Directed by: Benzir Shaon




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