Finished Courses

ACT 101
Financial Accounting 
ACT 201
Management Accounting II
BUS 101
Introduction to Business 
BUS 231 
Business Communication 
BUS 361 
Legal Environment of Business 
BUS 498
Project Report
CSE 101
Introduction to Computer I 
CSE 102
Introduction to Computers II 
ECO 101 
Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 102
Introduction to Macroeconomics
ENG 100
Improving Oral Communication Skills 
ENG 101
Basic English 
ENG 102
Composition and Communication Skills
FIN 101
Principles of Finance 
FIN 201 
Business Finance 
GEN 201 
Bangladesh Studies 
GEN 205
Introduction to Psychology
GEN 211
Concept of Journalism and Media Studies
HRM 301
Human Resource Management
ITB 301 
International Business 
MAT 110
Mathematics for Business & Economics I 
MAT 211
Mathematics for Business and Economics II 
MGT 101
Principles of Management
MGT 251
Organizational Behaviour 
MGT 337
Production Operations Management 
MGT 480
Strategic Management
MIS 101
Introduction to Management Information System 
MIS 305 
Enterprise Information System 
MIS 401
Structural Programming
MIS 406 
Relational Database Management System 
MIS 419 
eCommerce and Web Programming 
MKT 101
Principles of Marketing 
MKT 201
Marketing Management 
MKT 401
Sales Management
MKT 402 
Integrated Marketing Communication 
MKT 410 
Consumer Behaviour 
MKT 412
Service Marketing
MKT 414
Marketing Research 
MKT 416
Brand Management
STA 101
Introduction to Statistics 
STA 217
Statistics For Business & Economics 

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