12 August 2011, Friday

EWUeducation Website Address Changed
The web address of SHAON84 EWueducation has been changed. From now, this site will be available in:

11 August 2011, Thursday


And finally, through updating 35 assignments of the Ten Courses, EWUeducation has ended its duty of updating assignments and reports. After opening this site so far, it updated all the assignments and report which have soft copies. There are some exception, not ALL; some of the assignments' group members requested not to upload their respective assignments here (where Shaon also worked as a group member). This site has been established to serve the students for making better assignments since the university life of Shaon.

From the record: this page first launched as 'educationSHAON' on 16 December 2004. This site passed many paths for last six years plus time. This site's last assignment update was on 18 May 2008; last non-assignment update (only page update) on 31 December 2009. The last semester of Shaon at East West University was Spring 2009 and the page has been updated accordingly. And today, after almost 3 years assignments are updated and for the last time. Thanks to all.

Here are the last updated 10 courses which include the final Project Work, 23 Assignments, 6 Reports and 6 Presentations.

BUS 498 : Project Report

  • Project Work: Possibility of Promoting Products Through facebook

ECO 102 : Introduction to Macroeconomics (updated)

  • Assignment 01 : Finding Bottlenecks of Low Female Partnership in Bangladesh
  • Assignment 02 : A Historical Timeframe of Money
  • Assignment 03 : Notes on: Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis in US & the Effect, Reason for Ineffectiveness of Monetary Policy in a country like Bangladesh, Reason for Effectiveness of Fiscal Policy in a country like Bangladesh

GEN 205 : Introduction to Psychology

  • Assignment: Application & Future of Psychology in Bangladesh

GEN 211 : Concept of Journalism and Media Studies

  • Home Work 1: Three Basic Characteristics of Three Different Subjects
  • Home Work 2: News Lead
  • Assignment 1: Treatment of News
  • Report: Review of Commercials During Primetime news of nTV (Bangladesh): Perspective, Volume & Character
    (Full Report is NOT Available, It's only Shaon's Part)

HRM 301 : Human Resource Management

  • Assignment 1: Job Detail
  • Assignment 2: Job Advertisement Analysis
  • Assignment 3: Selection Process of A Police Officer
  • Assignment 4: Attribute Approach to Measuring Performance
  • Report: A Detail Study of Human Resource Planning on Internet Based Information
    (On Roughly Collected Data as Voluntary Assignment)
  • Report: Human Resource Management Practice of BEXIMCO

MGT 480 : Strategic Management

  • Assignment: An Appraisal of Value Delivery Chain in East West University (Document & PPT Show)
  • Case Assignment: An Appraisal of Case Study Analysis on Whole Food Market (Document & PPT Show)
  • Report: An Appraisal of Ratio Analysis: Monno Jutex Limited

MIS 401 : Structural Programming

  • Assignment 1 : Grade Counting JavaScript Programme for Web Site
  • Assignment 2 : Online Percentage Calculator Using JavaScript
  • Assignment 3 : Online Currency Converter & Use of Loop using JavaScript
  • Project Work : Online Data Storage System using MySQL & PHP

MKT 401 : Sales Management

  • Sales Presentation on the Web Site "" (shared from aE)
  • Case Assignment on Arapahoe Pharmaceutical Company
  • Sales Presentation on Birth Contraolling System
  • Presentation of TVC Analysis on BanglaLink TVC "Kotha Dilam"
  • Final Report: Technology Use of Bangladeshi SME’s on Sales Activity: Focus to IT Goods Selling SME’s

MKT 412 : Service Marketing

  • Assignment: Service Quality of WASA: From Common’s View
  • Assignment: Servuction Model and Molecular Model of Two Different Service & Tangible Product
  • Assignment: Finding Bottlenecks of EWU Advising Process Problems & Solutions
  • Assignment: Research On Work-Life-Leisure Conflict (A Short Study)

MKT 416 : Brand Management

  • Assignment 01 : Mix & Match of Brand Element
  • Assignment 02 : New Product's Value Creation and Mix & Match
  • Assignment 03 : Case Study on Golden Circle Baby Food
  • Final Report : A New Web Based Product (with a PPT presentation)


All Pages Got Updates
All the pages has got updates. The common updates are:

  • Bottom & Credit Line
    Each page of the site has got modified credit line & logo of SHAON84 over that line.
  • Banner
    Banner image modified. 'SHAON' replaced by 'SHAON84'.
  • Navigation Menu
    Navigation menu's individual image's size, rollover image & number of images changed. FAQ & Be Member image removed; Condition & Contact Info pages' link image added.
  • Page Title
    Each Page's Page Titile Changed.

Page by Page Update Detail

  • Home
    Update Scroll (Semester Update), text & its style at home page, side advertisement modified. New advertisement image added.
  • Finished Courses
    The "Finished Courses" page that contained instructor and text book list of finished courses before has changed. After this update, the said information (instructor and text book list of finished courses) will not be available due to the university internal issue secrecy; it's a pro-active measure
  • Report
    Updated with new reports.
  • All Assignment
    Updated with 35 new assignments.
  • Condition
    Some condition removed & text style changed.
  • Contact Info
    It's a new page with contact information.
  • Semester Update
    Updated with update detail

Three Pages Removed, One New Page Added
Three pages removed because it's thought that, these pages no more require to get maintained in current situation. The pages are: Be Member (Membership no more requires), FAQ & Welcome.

The newly added page is the Contact Info page, with related contact details.

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