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I am...

S. M. Benzir Ahmed (other name: Benzir Shaon) is an MBA in Marketing from American International University - Bangladesh and BBA in Marketing from East West University (Dhaka). More in Short Bio.

Current Status

Looking for Full Time Marketing or Marketing related job.

I'm Looking for...

- Job Offer
- Consultancy
- Business Opportunity
- Academic Research
- Social Service
- Anything or Everything

Career Objective

Play significant role in organizational development through assigned work driven by prior experience, knowledge, motivation and innovation.

I Believe, I Think...

- Honesty is the BEST policy
- Always plan at least Plan B, after Plan A
- Business is not a charity, but it is a service to people
- Everything possible
- The drive of being special will drive you to be special. Be special with honesty


Honest, Dynamic, Leadership Ability, Self Motivated & Keen to Learn, Team Player, Positive Mindset, Ability of Constructive Criticism & Critical Thinking, Fun Loving, Communicative, Friendly & Accessible Personality

CV Summary/Key Words

BBA (East West University) & MBA (American International University - Bangladesh) degree in Marketing, Planning & Management Skill, Process Innovator, Honest, Self Motivated, Smooth Presentation Skill, Proficient in Computing with Number of Software Packages

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