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Album: 43Tracks
Total Tracks: 7
Composer & Artist: Benzir Shaon
Category: Instrumental
Sound Track File Format: Midi
Downloadable File Format: ZIP
Recording: Benzir Creation House
Size: 055 KB
Year: 2004

Note: 42 tracks and later on 1 track has been added to use them as the background music of SHAON84 (this site) in 2004. Later they didn't added finally. In the same year they added and open for free download in Music page of the site. And in 2008 they recognized with album name "43Tracks". Selected 7 has got the place in the album. The tracks don't have separate name and all tracks played and composed with the support of software. The piano's, flute etc. instruments played from a software but the composition is from the composer 'himself'.




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